REPREV Alexander Vasilyevich

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REPREV Alexander Vasilyevich (1853 — 1930) — the Soviet pathologist.

REPREV Alexander Vasilyevich

In 1878 graduated from Medicochirurgical academy then it was sent on the battlefield to Bulgaria. From 1880 to 1886 the intern Penza provincial-tsy, then came to the laboratory of the general and experimental pathology of VMA run by the prof. V. V. Pashutin. In 1888 protected dokt. thesis. Since 1889 the privatdozent, and since 1890 the prosector of department of the general pathology of VMA. In 1891 professor of department of the general pathology in Kharkiv un-those is elected professor of department of the general pathology of the Tomsk university, and since 1895; at the same time in-those were professor of department of the general pathology in Women's medical and at Veterinary institute. Since 1912 zasl. professor. Since 1920 A. V. Reprev professor of department of pathological physiology in Krymsk un-those, and also the dean of medical faculty. In 1922 it was returned to Kharkiv to department of pathological physiology. In recent years the life And. V. Reprev managed research department of experimental pathology at Glavnauk of Ukraine, biological department All-Ukrainian radiological in-that and department of pathology of Ukrainian in-that scientific and practical veterinary science.

Scientific works of A. V. Reprev are devoted to hl. obr. to problems of a metabolism and endocrinology. He is one of ancestors of domestic endocrinology. Its researches of a metabolism at fever, tumors are known, to pregnancy, about influence on a metabolism of x-ray radiation, about dependence of activity of gonads on food, about a condition of an organism of the woman in a puerperal period and during feeding of the child, and also his monograph about incretion. Works A. V. Repreva, especially fundamental management of «A basis (1908) of the general and experimental pathology», promoted development of the experimental direction in pathology and to allocation of pathological physiology as the independent industry of medicine.

D.E. Aljpern, S. M. Leytes, M. M. Pavlov, etc. were A. V. Reprev's pupils.

Works: About influence of pregnancy on a metabolism at animals, a yew., SPb., 1888; Textbook of the general pathology, century 1 — 2, Kharkiv, 1897; About influence of a puerperal period during the feeding on a zhizneproyavle-niya, Kharkiv, 1906; Bases of the general and experimental pathology, Kharkiv, 1911; As the organism is protected from diseases, Kharkiv, 1923; Incretion, L., 1925; Problem of cancer, Kharkiv, 1929 (sovm. with other).

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