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REPERCUSSION (Latin repercussio reflection) — the secondary, so-called reflected frustration (pain, dystrophy, contractures, etc.) caused by joint reactions of a vegetative and somatic nervous system in response to irritations from primary center in the struck body or fabric.

Since old time to doctors phenomena of a peculiar reflection of pain, napr were known, to pain in back area of a neck and a shoulder girdle at diseases of bodies of a small pelvis, ear pain at diseases of a throat, pain in supraclavicular area and a shoulder joint at diseases of a liver, etc. The concept «repercussion» was entered by Thomas (A. Thomas, 1921, 1929) on the example of a research of local pilomotor reflexes, a hyperhidrosis and a vasculomotor symptom complex (decolourization and temperatures of skin, arterial pressure, etc.) at damage of internals.

In the mechanism P. major importance has communication of an innervation of internals and surface fabrics (see. Autonomic nervous system ), functional switching of an impulse from internal body on somatic neurons at the level of the segmented device of a spinal cord or a brain trunk, irradiation of excitement on the next neurons in a thalamus and a cerebral cortex, and also switching of impulses on type axon reflex (see). Besides, neurohumoral interaction (under the influence of irritation of nervous structures of the struck internal body there is an excess accumulation of biologically active agents — mediators, and receipt them in a blood stream with secondary irritation of the same mediator receptors of other fabrics) matters.

Main options P.: viscerovisceral (e.g., pains in a liver and a stomach at a myocardial infarction), vistserokutanny (e.g., a dermatalgia at the level of IX of a chest vertebra at an ulcer of a duodenum, pain in over - and subclavial area on the right at an inflammation of a gall bladder) and vistseromuskulyarny (napr, morbidity of a trapezoid muscle at pneumonia). Reperkussivny pains and in Zakharyin's zones — Geda are frequent (see. Zakharyina — Geda of a zone ). They result from switching of afferent impulses from sympathetic fibers from the struck body on the corresponding segments of a somatic nervous system.

The river can be shown not only by pain, but also disturbances of a muscle tone, trophic frustration. Especially often such symptom complexes meet at osteochondrosis and the deforming spondylarthrosis of cervical department of a backbone, and also at injuries of nek-ry nerves of extremities (median, sciatic, tibial).

R.'s phenomena consider at diagnosis of damages of internals, and also during the carrying out some to lay down. actions — .tochechny and segmented massage (see), acupuncture (see), intradermal novocainic blockade (see), etc.

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