REMAK Robert

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REMAK Robert (Remak Robert, 1815 — 1865) — the German histologist and the neuropathologist.

PEMAK Robert

Ended in 1838 medical f-t Berlin un-that. The same year protected dokt. the thesis about structure of a nervous system. In 1843 — 1847 worked as the assistant in I. Shenleyn's clinic. Since 1847 the privatdozent Berlin un-that, and since 1859 extraordinary professor.

Scientific works of R. Remak are devoted to a research of a structure of nervous tissue, embryology, cytology and an electrotherapy. He described amyelinic (remakovsky) nerve fibrils (1838) and proved communication of these fibers with cells sympathetic gangliyev, gave the first description of neurofibrilla in nervous cells (1844), described nerve knots in many bodies, including in heart (remakovsky nodes), investigated submucosal neuroplex of a digestive tract (a remakovsky texture). Continuing researches K. M. Bera about three germinal leaves, showed value of these leaves in development of the main systems of a human body and one of the first studied formation at a germ of a neurotubule. In 1841 Remak for the first time described direct cell fission (amitotic division). He considered that each cell comes from a cell by nuclear fission, recognized that patholologically the changed cells are formed in normal body tissues, but not in an extracellular cytoblastoma. R. Remak's works were important for development of the cellular theory. R. Remak entered into a wedge, practice use of a galvanic current for treatment of nervous diseases. It possesses work about the ascending neuritis.

Works: Observationes anatomicae et micro-scopicae de systematis nervosi structura, Berolini, 1838; Neurologische Erlauterun-gen, Arch. Anat. Physiol. (Lpz.), S. 463, 1844; Diagnostische und pathogenetische Untersuchungen, S. 196, B., 1845; tfber ein selbstandiges Darmnervensystem, B., 1847; Untersuchungen liber die Entwicklung der Wirbeltiere, Lfg 1—3, B., 1855; Gal-vanotherapie der Nerven-und Muskelkrank-heiten, B., 1858.

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