REIN Fedor Aleksandrovich

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REIN Fedor Aleksandrovich (1866 — 1925) — the domestic surgeon.

RHINE Fedor Aleksandrovich

In 1890 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that and it was left at department of the topographical anatomy and operational surgery directed by A. A. Bobrov. In un-those would combine activity with medical work in Moscow (Basmanny, Pavlovsk, Aleksandrovsky, Hludovsky and-tse the Iversky community). In 1894 protected dokt. the thesis «About hypodermic injuries of a kidney». In 1902 it was elected professor of department. In 1911 left Moscow un-t together with group of teachers in protest at reactionary actions of the minister of education Kasso. Since 1912 and until the end of life — the chief physician of the 1st Town-tsy of N. I. Pirogov.

F. A. Rein was one of active advocates of the higher female medical education; since 1900 consisted the founder member of the Moscow high female courses, since 1906 taught at department of topographical anatomy and operational surgery of courses, in 1907 it is elected the dean medical f-that the High female courses (afterwards the 2nd MSU).

F. A. Rein is the author of the «Quick reference guide on the general surgery» which sustained seven editions. Together with P. I. Dyakonov and N. K. Lysenkov it published «Lectures on operational surgery», and together with P. I. Dyakonov, N. K. Lysenkov and N. I. Napalkov — «Lectures on topographical anatomy and operational surgery».

For many years F. A. Rein headed Ob-in of the Russian surgeons, Russian surgical about-in (in Moscow), Ob-in of the Russian doctors in N. I. Pirogov's memory. Narkomzdrava was a member of the academic council.

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