REGO Claude

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REGO Claude (Regaud Claude, 1870 — 1940) — the French radio biologist and the oncologist, the member of National academy of medicine (1924).

REGO Claude

Scientific activity of the beginnings in Lyon in J. L. Renaut laboratory. Was engaged in one of the first in France in studying of action of ionizing radiation on living tissues. Since 1905 executed a row radiobiol. the researches devoted to hl. obr. to effects of beam impact on gonads of the highest animals. In 1911 K. Rego was invited in Pasterovsky by in-t. In system of this institute he organized the establishment combined with Physical M. Sclodovscaia-Curie's in-volume, aiming at development of knowledge in the area biol. actions of ionizing radiation.

After World War I of K. Rego founded the center of biological and medical researches which was engaged in studying of problems of an etiology, pathogeny and treatment of malignant new growths, influences of x-ray emission on spermato-and an ovogenesis, actions of ionizing radiation on a fruit, a thymus, intestines, etc. It revealed features of the damages arising in bones under the influence of radiation — a so-called osteoradionecrosis. To. Rego exerted considerable impact on formation of methods of radiation therapy of malignant tumors. Influence of duration of radiation on effect of beam influence is experimentally proved to them on the basis of what the technique of reirradiations of tumors was for the first time offered.

K. Rego was one of founders of the Index analyticus cancerologiae magazine.

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Bibliography: Gilbert R. Claudius Regaud 1870 — 1940, Acta radiol. (Stockh.), V. 22, p. 327, 1941.

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