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REFRIGERATORS — constructions (enterprise) or devices for cooling, freezing and storage of perishable foodstuff, pharmaceuticals, bioproducts at a temperature from + 14 to — 50 °.

G1o to appointment distinguish production refrigerators (on meat-processing plants, fish factories, etc.), basic, port, trade (on trade bases, in shops, dining rooms, restaurants), home (household) and transport (refrigerators). E.g., the refrigerator medical field (RM-P) provides short-term storage and transportation of blood (see Hemotransfusion), bacteritic drugs (see) and antibiotics (see) in various climatic and weather conditions at a temperature of fresh air from +30 to — 30 °.

The device of refrigerators shall meet the requirements of the operating construction standards and rules of state standards. As coolants in large production, basic and nek-ry other refrigeration units use ammonia, and in trade and house, as a rule, freon. The set temperature and humidity, level of air exchange shall be maintained in refrigerators. The optimum microclimate in them is reliably provided with modern automatic temperature-controlled devices.

Refrigerators shall correspond a dignity. to the requirements excluding pollution of products (see Foodstuff). The carried-out dignity. - a gigabyte. control provides systematic disinfection of refrigerators, the microbiological analysis of scrapings from walls, the analysis of air, etc.

G. D. Averin, V. G. Klimenkov.