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REFLEKSOMETRIYA (Latin to measure reflexus turned back, reflected + by Greek metreo) — a research of amplitude-time characteristics of reflex reactions. The River is the cornerstone measurement of force of an irritant necessary for emergence of reflexes (thus the absolute threshold of stimulation is measured), and also determination of size of a reflex and time between the end of action of an irritant and the beginning of reaction, i.e. the eclipse (latent) period of a reflex. Except stage of latency, at R. also the run time of the reaction, i.e. duration can be measured reflex (see).

The river is one of the main psychophysiological techniques of definition of a functional condition of an organism normal and pathologies. By means of R. the wide range of the reactions of an organism caused by various influences is studied. Changes belong to such reactions, e.g. pulse (see), breath (see), galvanic skin response (see), etc.

R.'s essence as method consists that at irritation of corresponding reflexogenic zone (see) with a force equal or exceeding threshold, there is a reflex reaction, intensity and temporary characteristics a cut can be registered by special devices — refleksometra.

A specific place among ways P. is held by a radiorefleksometriya (telerefleksometriya) applied at remote measurement of parameters of reflex reactions (see. Biotelemetry ). In this case on the studied object is located, in addition to sensors, also the transmitter strengthening and broadcasting information to the reception equipment.

The domestic industry released a number of devices for R. Imeyutsya the devices investigating function of various analyzers,

including measuring temporary characteristics of reaction (PV-52, PV-53L, «Satellite»), and the devices analyzing time and amplitude of reactions (EMR-01, the International Party of Russia-01, NT-01), radiorefleksometra of RRM-62, RRM-Ts, etc.

R. finds broad application in various areas, napr, in the course of the training of athletes, in medicobiological and psychological researches. Big distribution was gained by a research of time of mental reaction, under the Crimea the total time spent both for the act of perception and for implementation and the choice of adequate response is understood. In ascending order of complexity distinguish simple mental reaction (one irritant — one reaction), reaction of distinguishing (several irritants — reaction to one of them) and a choice behavior (several irritants — several different reactions).

Especially the wedge, aspect of use R. Tak is important, at certain defeats of pyramidal and extrapyramidal systems can be observed hypo - or, on the contrary, a hyperreflexia. In some cases with the diagnostic purpose not only time of reflex reaction, but N the sizes of a reflexogenic zone is registered. E.g., at focal defeats of c. the N of page is marked out asymmetry of reflexogenic zones, and at spinal defeats — local disorders of reflex function.

The river is applied also in diagnosis of occupational diseases.

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