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REACTION OF INCREASE OF THE CAPTION OF THE PHAGE (RNF) — a method of indication of pathogenic bacteriums in various objects of the environment and in an organism at diagnosis of infectious diseases. It is offered by V. D. Timakov and D. M. Goldfarb in 1955. The method was not widely adopted.

The principle of RNF is based on ability of specific virulent bacteriophage (see) to infect a bacterial cell and to breed in it with accumulation in the environment of a significant amount of particles of a phage. Increase in number of particles of a phage demonstrates presence at the studied material of this activator. The main condition of carrying out RNF is existence of the highly specific virulent phage possessing the short eclipse period, high «productivity» and ability to form negative colonies with characteristic morphology. As interaction of a virulent indicator phage with a bacterium activator is carried out for rather short intervals of time (tens of minutes), RNF can be used as the accelerated method mikrobiol. diagnoses.

RNF includes the following stages: addition to the studied material of the dosed quantity of an indicator phage, an incubation of test during 4,5 — 16 hours at t ° 37 °, warming up of tests at t 58 ° within 30 min., cultivation of tests by a medium to an estimated caption of a phage, determination of quantity of corpuscles of a phage by method of agar layers (see. Gratsia method ). Experience is followed by control of a caption of the added phage and control on presence of a free phage at the studied material. Positive reaction is considered if the number of phage corpuscles in pilot test not less than exceeds their number in kontrolyakh three times.

See also Indication of microorganisms

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