RAZUMOVSKY Vasily Ivanovich

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RAZUMOVSKY Vasily Ivanovich

RAZUMOVSKY Vasily Ivanovich (1857 — 1935) is the Soviet surgeon, Hera of Work (1923), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1934).

Ended in 1880 medical f-t Kazan un-that, worked in the hospital surgical clinic headed by L. L. Levshin then it was improved at N. V. Sklifosovsky, K. K. Reyer, S. P. Botkin. In 1884 protected dokt. the thesis about atrophic processes in bones after section of nerves. Since 1885 worked at department of operational surgery, then at department of hospital surgery, and since 1896 — optional surgery Kazan un-that. Professor (1887). In 1909 it was appointed the rector Saratov un-that, however for failure from carrying out reactionary policy of the minister of education in 1912 it was discharged of a position of the rector and it is deprived of department. Since 1917 I. Razumovsky is the chief surgeon of the Caucasian army; took part in creation of high fur boots in Tbilisi (1918) and Baku (1919), was their rector and at the same time professor of surgical clinics (till 1920). From 1920 to 1930 professor of department of the general surgery of the Saratov medical institute.

V. I. Razumovsky published more than 150 scientific works, including a number of heads in the first multivolume Russian leaders of surgery. V. I. Razumovsky was one of pioneers of neurosurgery: with the Russia's first and one of the first-ever beginnings to operate on a brain at epilepsy. He developed fiziol, an extirpation of a gasserov of a node by its alcoholization. It applied alcoholization of fabrics at operations not only on nervous trunks, but also on other fabrics and bodies (at a varicosity, a prolapse of the rectum). It possesses also original ways of an organopeksiya, osteoplastic amputation of foot, imposing of removable seams on a bladder, etc.

V. I. Razumovsky created surgical school; among his pupils there were V. L. Bogolyubov, P. I. Tikhoye, etc.

Works: To a question of atrophic processes in bones after section of nerves, a yew., SPb., 1884; Inflammatory processes on a neck, SPb., 1902; The Latest data on craniocereberal surgery, SPb., 1913; Chosen works, M., 1959.

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