RAZENKOV Ivan Petrovich

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RAZENKOV Ivan Petrovich

RAZENKOV Ivan Petrovich (1888 — 1954) — the Soviet physiologist, the academician of AMH (1944), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1940), winner of the State award USSR (1947).

Ended in 1914 medical f-t Kazan un-that. In 1918 — 1922 worked at department of physiology Tomsk un-that, in 1922 — 1924 — in I. P. Pavlov's laboratory. From 1924 to 1939 the manager. physiological laboratory Ying-that occupational diseases of V. A. Obukh and at the same time physiological departments Biological in-that of K. A. Timiryazev (1924 — 1930), Ying-that food (1930 — 1931). departments of physiology of pedagogical in-t of K. Liebknecht (1924 — 1930) and of V. I. Lenin (1930 — 1932). From 3 1934 to 1944 the deputy director of the VIEM Moscow branch, then the director Ying-that physiology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1944 — 1950); at the same time manager. departments of physiology of TsIU (1937—1947) and the 1st MMI (1939—1950); academician-secretary of Department of medicobiological sciences (1944 — 1948) and vice-president (1948 — 1952) AhMN USSR.

I. P. Razenkov published St. 100 scientific works, including 3 monographs. Its early studies were devoted to studying of physiology of a nervous system. The work of «Change of irritable process of bark of big hemispheres of a brain of a dog under difficult conditions» performed in I. P. Pavlov's laboratory promoted opening of phase states in a cerebral cortex and to understanding patofiziol. origins of neurosises. The majority of its works is devoted to studying of influence on digestion of high and low temperatures, a radiant energy, barometric pressure, production factors and character of food. The data received by it and his employees formed a basis for development of theoretical regulations on a role of neurohumoral mechanisms in regulation of activity of various departments went. - kish. a path, about participation of digestive organs in exchange of protein, about a role of a functional condition of digestive glands in response to irritation, and also practical recommendations about food of healthy and sick people.

I. P. Razenkov was a chairman Moscow about-va physiologists, biochemists and pharmacologists, the chairman and vice-chairman Vsesoyuznogo about-va physiologists, the vice-chairman of academic medical council of M3 of the USSR, the editor and the member of editorial boards of magazines «Archive of Biological Sciences», «Magazine of Experimental Medicine», «Physiological Magazine of the USSR», «Questions of Food», etc. Participated in work XIV and XV International congresses of physiologists (1932 and 1935). Created school of sciences, S.E. Severin, X were his pupils. S. Koshtoyants, E. B. Babsky, (t. 10, additional materials), M. A. Sobakin, etc.

It is awarded by two Orders of Lenin and medals.

Works: Role of the lower mesenteric node in innervations of pelvic bodies, the Year report of the Kazan university, Kazan, 1913; To the mechanism of vasoconstrictive and vasodilating substances of blood, in book: Improvement of work and revolution of life, under the editorship of I. P. Razenkov, century 7, page 146, M., 1925; To a question of independent reflexes in a sympathetic nervous system, Zhurn. ekspery. biol, and medical, t. 4, No. 3, page 65, 1926; Influence of chronic zinc poisoning on secretory activity of gastric glands, in book: Improvement of work and revolution of life, under the editorship of I. P. Razenkov, century 15, page 50, M., 1927; To the mechanism of nervous and humoral controls, in book: VI Vsesoyuz. congress fiziol., biochemical, ifarmakol., page. And, Tbilisi, 1937; New data to physiology of digestion, Vopr. pitas., t. 3, No. 4-5, page 3, 1938; To development of inheritance of I. P. Pavlov in the field of physiology of digestion, Arkh. biol, sciences, t. 61, No. 1, page 76, 1941; Quality of food and function of an organism, M., 1946; About new aspect of activity of bodies and tissues of digestive tract, in book: It is integrated, a session, posvyashch. to the 10 anniversary from the date of I. P.'s death ^Павлова, page 26, M., 1948; Chosen works, M., 1959.

Bibliography: Dobromyslova O. P., I. P. Razenkov, M., 1979; Ivan Petrovich Razenkov (To the 60 anniversary since birth), Vestn. USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, No. 5, page 51, 1948; Malkiman I. V., Musicians V. A. and Filippovich of V. I. Znacheniye of researches I. P. Razenkov in the field of physiology and pathology of digestion and some results of their further development (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Fiziol, zhurn. USSR, t. 44, No. 11, page 1091, 1958.

O. P. Dobromyslova.