RAUKHFUS Karl Andreevich

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RAUKHFUS Karl Andreevich (1835 — 1915) — the domestic pediatrician, the organizer of child care medical institutions.

RAUKHFUS Karl Andreevich

In 1857 graduated from Medicochirurgical academy in St. Petersburg, worked as the intern, the prosector, and then the senior doctor of the St. Petersburg educational house. From 1869 to 1909 would direct the large nursery special in St. Petersburg, bearing now his name and constructed on it (essentially new to children's BCs) to the project. In 1869 protected dokt. the thesis about inborn for rashcheniya of the mouth of an aorta.

K. A. Raukhfus is an author more than 80 scientific works on laryngology, clinical bacteriology, pathological anatomy, children's infections, statistics of children's incidence, on bases of hospital business. The symptom of shift of a mediastinum is called by the name of Raukhfus at exudative pleurisy (a so-called triangle of Raukhfus). He was one of the first laryngologists in Russia, offered new modification of a guttural mirror and some other tools. At the end of 19 century on its project one of the best BCs in Europe — the Vladimir children's hospital (nowadays a hospital No. 2 of Rusakov) in Moscow is constructed. He is a founder Ob-va of children's doctors in St. Petersburg, the initiator of creation of department of children's diseases at Kiev un-those, the organizer of the All-Russian guardianship on protection of motherhood and an infancy.

Works: About inborn fusion of the mouth of an aorta, yew., SPb., 1869; Clinical bacteriology of diphtheria and treatment by its antidiphtherial serum, Doctor, t. 16, No. 3, page 78, 1895.

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