RAUBER Augustus

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RAUBER Augustus (Rauber August Antonius, 1841 — 1917) — the anatomist and the histologist.

RAUBER Augustus

Ended medical f-t Munich un-that (1864) where went in for anatomy and histology under the leadership of N. Ruedinger, and embryology under the leadership of T. Bee-shoffa. In 1865 protected dokt. the thesis about Fater's little bodies — Pa-repair (lamellar little bodies) in ligaments and a periosteum. Since 1864 the assistant, since 1870 the associate professor in Munich un-those, since 1872 the prosector un-that in Basel, from 1873 to 1875 extraordinary professor Leipzig un-that. In 1886 moved to Russia and till 1911 headed department of anatomy in Derptskom (nowadays Tartu) un-those; retired zasl. professor.

Scientific works of A. Rauber (apprx. 110) are devoted macro - and microscopical anatomy, anthropology, embryology, a teratology, the general morphology. They were given exact topography of little bodies of Fater — Pachini in skin of extremities, existence of the 2 and 3 coccygeal nerves is shown, forms of neurocytes in gangliya of the head are described, the stage of a neurular is allocated in embryonic development, the outside cellular layer which is not relating to an ectoderm, received the name «Rauber's layer» is described in a germinal disk. A. Rauber the first applied a technique of serial sections to a research of the developing egg of mammals.

R.'s activity as teacher was of great importance. He organized the model educational anatomic museum (it is open in 1890) in Derpta, wrote the multivolume textbook of anatomy which became world-famous and repeatedly republished (the 19th edition appeared in Stuttgart in 1955). Its 8th edition in six volumes in processing of F. Kopsch was issued in 1910 — 1915 in transfer into Russian under A.S. Dogel's edition.

Works: Vater’sche Korper der Bander-und Periostnerven und ihre Beziehung zum sogenannten Muskelsinne, diss., Neustadt a. Haardt, 1865; Uber den sympathischen Grenzstrang des menschlichen Kopfes, Miin-chen, 1872; Elasticitat und Festigkeit der Knochen, Lpz., 1876; Primitivstreifen .und Neurula der Wirbeltiere, Lpz., 1877; Uber die Bedeutung der wissenschaftlichen Ana-tomie, Dorpat, 1886; Lehrbuch der Anato-mie des Menschen, Bd 1 —-6, Lpz., 1910 — 1920 (Russian lane, t. 1 — 6, Yuryev — SPb., 1911 — 1915).

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