RATIMOV Vasily Aleksandrovich

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RATIMOV Vasily Aleksandrovich (1850 — 1904) — the domestic surgeon, professor.

RATIMOV Vasily Aleksandrovich

In 1876 graduated from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy and it was left in clinic of hospital surgery.

In 1882 protected dokt. thesis of «Tumor of an upper jaw in the clinical relation». Then it was sent abroad for 2 years, also Kronek-kera (K. N. with Kronecker) in Bern worked in L. Pasteur's laboratory in Paris. In 1884 the department chair of hospital surgery in VMA where he worked until the end of life was elected. V. A. Ratimov reorganized its activity in compliance with new requirements (an asepsis, antiseptics); began to apply band operations widely. It one of the first in Russia made a successful resection of the gatekeeper at a carcinoma of the stomach (the patient lived after operation of 12 years without recurrence). Along with clinical surgery taught field surgery.

He studied an etiology, clinical manifestations and developed methods of operational treatment of an echinococcosis of a liver, described a multiple echinococcosis of an abdominal cavity.

V. A. Ratimov created large school of surgeons, a cut P. F were representatives. Bohr, R. R. Vreden, V. A. Oppel, L. M. Pussep, V. N. Shevkunenko, etc. He was a chairman Ob-va of the Russian doctors in N. I. Pirogov's memory in St. Petersburg.

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