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Louis's RANVE

RANVIE Louie (Ranvier Louis Antoine, 1835 — 1922) — the French histologist, the member of Academy of Sciences of France (1887) and National academy of medicine (1886).

De Frans in Paris, since 1875 professor of department of the general anatomy ended the College in the same place. K. Bernard's pupil.

Studying of a thin structure of muscular, connecting and nervous tissue on the basis of morfofunktsionalny approach to the solution of specific questions was the main direction of research activity of L. Ranvye. Functional distinctions and features of blood supply of red and white muscles were shown them; nodes (Ranvye's nodes) and interceptions of myelin covers of nerve fibrils (Ranvye's interceptions) are described; neuromuscular terminations (motor points of Ranvye); voloskovy cells of a kortiyev of body (Ranvye's cell). In 1865 L. Ranvye defended the dissertation about development of a bone tissue and damages of a cartilage of bones.

L. Ranvye developed original methods gistol, technicians (see. Ranvye methods ), designed the microtome, the device for freezing of the fabrics, warming a little table to a microscope, cameras for studying live and worrying objects, the device for an injection of vessels. In its laboratory researchers from many countries, including from Russia worked. The textbook of histology written to them a long time was considered as one of the best guides to the microscopic equipment and was translated into Russian. L. Ranvye is the author of one of the first guides to pathological histology.

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Bibliography: N ageotte J. Nécrologie, C. R. Soc. Biol. (Paris), t. 86, p. 1144, 1922.

V. S. Speransky.