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Bernardino's RAMATsTsINI

RAMAZZINI Bernardino (Rainazzini Bernardino, 1633 — 1714) — the Italian doctor, the founder of occupational health and professional pathology as the industries of medicine.

Got a medical education in Modena and Parma (1659), it was improved in the Roman hospitals under the leadership of A. Rossi, was engaged in medical practice.

Since 1682 directed department of theoretical medicine (pathology) in Modenskom un-those; since 1700 the department chair of applied (clinical) medicine and at the same time the rector un-that in Padua.

B. Ramazzini studied the state of health of handicraftsmen and working various professions. Generalized results of the long-term researches in the book De morbis artificnm diatriba which appeared in 1700 where it described the diseases inherent in workers of St. 60 professions, with the indication of the reasons causing them and actions for prevention and treatment. At the same time the key to understanding of pathology of B. Ramazzini looked for not only in «internal qualities» of an organism, but also in working conditions. He considered the duty and urged other doctors to promote improvement of life «those whose hard work creates values which people use». This work was published more than 25 times, transferred to foreign languages (in the USSR it is for the first time published in 1961).

B. Ramazzini was engaged also in studying of a problem of longevity, health and diseases of separate groups of the population, published a number of works on physics and hydrogeology. The collection of his compositions («Opera omnia, medica et phisiea») came out in Geneva in 1714 and was repeatedly republished in various countries.

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