RAKHMANOV Alexander Nikolaevich

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RAKHMANOV Alexander Nikolaevich (1861 — 1926) — the Soviet doctor-obstetrician and the organizer of obstetric aid.

RAKHMANOV Alexander Nikolaevich

Having ended medical f-t Moscow un-that (1885), passed a three-year internship in obstetric clinic.

In 1889 he organized in Moscow a free maternity shelter with chambers for gynecologic patients and directed it more than 10 years; at the same time took active part in creation of other maternity shelters. In 1906 at the initiative of A. N. Rakhmanov the maternity home, largest in Moscow, was constructed by it on the project developed by it. A. A. Abrikosova (nowadays of N. K. Krupskaya), to-ry it headed till 1925. For the first time in the country A. N. Rakhmanov created department for newborns, entered the round-the-clock service of children by specially trained nurses, established survey of children by the pediatrician, organized consultation for mothers on care of children of chest age and their feeding.

Scientific works of A. N. Rakhmanov (it is published St. 20) are devoted to questions of obstetric care (to use of Cesarean section, a labor pain relief, etc.) and organizations of obstetric aid. It improved the equipment of obstetric hospitals, designed on its project «Rakhmanov's bed» was generally recognized.

After Great October socialist revolution A. N. Rakhmanov actively joined in development and creation in the country of the state system of protection of motherhood and an infancy; participated in the organization Ying-that obstetrics and was further his director; headed the scientific commission of obstetricians and pediatricians at Department of protection of motherhood and infancy relating at first to the National commissariat of the state contempt and then to Narkomzdravu of RSFSR. He participated in the organization in Moscow of an exhibition on health protection of mother and child (1919), and also courses for sisters-vospita-telnits on care of children of early age. Improved system of training of midwifes. And. N. Rakhmanov was one of the first advocates of the idea of creation of clinics for women, having defined their special value in system of protection of motherhood and an infancy.

Works: 30 cases of classical Kesarsky section, Medical obozr., t. 79, No. 11, page 942, 1913; Therapy of 2580 abortions, in the same place, t. 83, No. 1-2, page 3, 1915; Consultation for pregnant women and women in childbirth as a basis of protection of motherhood and an infancy, Okhr. mat. and mlad., No. 1, page 16, 1926.

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