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RAJEVSKI Boris (Rajewsky Boris, sort. in 1893) — German (Germany) the radio biologist and the biophysicist, the academician. Academies of Sciences of Germany (1950); the Ukrainian on a nationality.

In 1921 ended medical f-t un-that in Frankfurt am Main. Doctor of medicine (1922). Worked at department of radiology; professor, the department chair (since 1934); then director Rentgenologicheskogo in-that at the same time un-those, head f-that biophysics Ying-that of Max Planck.

Works B. of Rajevski are devoted to questions of radiobiology and biophysics of ionizing radiation. In 40 — the 50th investigated by means of methods physical and a radiochemistry of pattern of impact of ionizing radiation on biol, objects and the changes in molecules caused by it nucleinic to - t, proteins and lipids. In the reference guide written to them together with employees on medical radiology of «Strahlendosis und Strahlenwirkung» (1954; it is translated into Russian in 1959) data on dependence between ionizing radiation doses and their action on an organism of experimental animals and the person are summed up. about marginal exposure doses and marginal levels of content of radioactive materials in the environment. B. Rayevsky scientifically proved such fundamental concepts of radiobiology as «dose effect», «a time factor of radiation», «radio sensitivity», etc. It repeatedly came to the USSR for lecturing on the main questions of radiobiology.

Works: Strahlendosis und Strahlenwirkung, Stuttgart, 1956 (sovm. with other); Doses of radoactive radiations and their action on an organism, the lane with it., M., 1959.

Bibliography: Rajewsky Boris, in book: Kürschners deutscher Gelehrten-Kalender, hrsg. v. W. Schuder, S. 1922, B., 1966; Rajewsky Boris, in book: Meyers Grosses Personenlexikon, S. 1083, Zürich, 1968.

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