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RAIN GAUGE (synonym precipitation gage) — the device for measurement of quantity of an atmospheric precipitation. As with an atmospheric precipitation can drop out and substances, harmful to a human body, D. can use for collecting an atmospheric precipitation for the purpose of their further a dignity. - a gigabyte. researches.

Fig. 1. Field rain gage: 1 — the osadkosborny cylinder with a funnel; 2 — a volumetric glass.
Fig. 2. Total precipitation gage: 1 — bladed protection; 2 — a reception part; 3 — vessels for collecting rainfall; 4 — a support; 5 — a window for withdrawal of rainfall.

There are several types D. Dozhdemer, or the precipitation gage, Tretyakova consists of two buckets, a cover, the trivet, bladed protection and a measuring glass.

In field conditions apply D. (fig. 1) offered F. F. Davitaya. Upper part D. is expanded and serves as the osadkosborny cylinder with an area of a reception surface of 30 cm 2 . On measured part D. the divisions corresponding of 3 cm are put 3 rainfall or 1 mm of a layer of precipitations. For the purpose of reduction of evaporation of D. it is supplied with a funnel.

The total precipitation gage (fig. 2) offered by M. V. Kosarev is used to the accounting of rainfall for the big term (from 3 to 12 months). It consists of a reception part (the reception area of 500 cm 2 ), connected to a vessel for collecting rainfall. Over a reception part the bladed protection against wind intended for reduction of turbulences around D. and in it is located. In the bottom the window for withdrawal of rainfall which is densely closed a latch is located. The precipitation gage is installed on a support.

See also Meteorological devices .

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Yu. V. Novikov.