railway transport, occupational health

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RAILWAY TRANSPORT, occupational health. Modernization. t., increase in speed of the movement, change in structure of the transported loads, implementation new tekhnol. processes at the enterprises Zh. t. put forward a complex of difficult specific questions on occupational health.

The faces tied with safety of train service, and at working locomotive crews have a great neuroemotional pressure, besides, lack of a certain day-night rhythm of work and impossibility to have the regulated breaks for rest and meal, attach special significance to researches on physiology and psychology of work and scientific justification of work-rest schedules.

To number of widespread adverse factors on. t. belong vibration (see) and noise (see). Work in the open air at repair and cleaning. - of a way, handling works depending on a season of year can lead to overcooling or overheating of an organism. On the basis of long-term researches are developed a dignity. standards for restriction of vibration (SN — 1209 — 74) and special standards of restriction of noise on the rolling stock Zh. t. (SN — 877 — 71) for creating favorable conditions for work of service personnel and for passengers.

The faces tied with traffic safety of trains at revenues to work undergo obligatory medical survey, and in the subsequent, as a rule, re-examination in 3 years; the locomotive crews working at high-speed trains undergo re-examination in 1 year. Besides, locomotive crews undergo so-called pretrip medical surveys.

Precautionary and current dignity. supervision on. t. carries out a dignity. - epid, the service Ministry of Railways presented central, road, otdelenchesky and linear a dignity. - epid, stations of the railroads.

See. Medical and sanitary service of departments .

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A. A. Prokhorov.