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RADIOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT — department of an oncological clinic or multi-field hospital, carry out radiation therapy by the patient to Krom preferential with malignant tumors and use methods of a radio isotope research for the purpose of diagnosis of various diseases. In R. lakes perform remote, intracavitary and interstitial radiation therapy (see) by means of radio pharmaceuticals (see) and the closed sources of radiation.

Norms of construction, scheme of a design and dignity. requirements to R. of the lake are approved in 1978 and included in the form of the separate section in «Construction norms and rules». Standard R. the lake includes the following divisions: remote, intracavitary and interstitial gamma therapy, treatment by open radio pharmaceuticals, radio isotope diagnosis.

Isolation of each division is provided that is caused by specifics of their work. In divisions of a remote gamma therapy and radio isotope diagnosis reception of ambulatories whereas in other divisions it is prohibited can be carried out.

Norms of load of personnel of R. of the lake are defined by duration of the working day and an exposure dose, edges is controlled by means of individual dosimetry (see. Radiation control ).

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G. A. Zubovsky.