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RADIATION INTENSITY - the radiation energy transferred by photons (quanta) or particles in unit of time through the surface taken for unit of area in the direction, perpendicular this surface. And. and. is one of characteristics of the field of radiation, in particular ionizing radiation (see), important for its use in to lay down. the purposes (physical therapy, radiation therapy) or for ensuring protection against its harmful action.

In the SI system for unit And. and. such radiation intensity is accepted, at a cut through a surface of 1 m 2 for 1 sec. energy of 1 J is transferred.

As the energy transferred by radiation can change in time and space, definition is more strict And. and. it is given for very small sizes of time (Δt) and the areas (ΔS): And. and. (I) — the relation of energy (ΔЕ) the quanta or particles getting through the A S platform for a time term of A t to this time term:

I = ΔE / (ΔS • Δt).

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