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RACHEV Lyuben (1904 — 1981) — the Bulgarian pediatrician, professor (1950).

RAChEV Lyuben

In 1930 ended medical f-t Sofia un-that, worked as the doctor. Since 1933 specialized in children's clinic under the leadership of the founder of the Bulgarian pediatrics S. Vatev. In 1933 L. Rachev joined the ranks of the Bulgarian Communist Party. In the years of World War II participated in the underground anti-fascist movement, after creation of the People's Republic Bulgaria (PRB) was one of organizers of health care. Since 1946 the associate professor, and since 1950 the department chair of children's diseases Sofia un-that; under its management the department became the leading center of improvement of doctors and training of teaching personnel in the field of pediatrics.

L. Rachev is the author of St. 130 works, including two textbooks and 10 monographs devoted to hl. obr. to questions of effect of streptocides and antibiotics on a pathological indestinal flora, clinic of tuberculosis, a tuberculinodiagnosis and BTsZh-vaccination, staphylococcal pneumonia, rheumatism, allergic diseases, prenatal pathology. Its monograph «Development, Hygiene, Food, Diarrheas and Dystrophies of Children of the First Year» was the reference book for several generations of the Bulgarian pediatricians. Monographs «Toxicosis at Early Children's Age» (1959), «A metabolism at children's age» (1962) are translated into Russian.

L. Rachev was the honorary member scientific about-in pediatricians of the USSR, GDR, the Party of Russian Taxpayers, ChSSR; it is awarded the order by awards and medals NRB, Soviet the Labour Red Banner.

Works: Development, higiyen, hranena, diarrheas and dystrophies prez pjrvoto childhood, Sofia, 1938 (sovm. with Rakhamimovy P.); Development, a higiyen and the hranena on kjrmacheto and malkoto children, the 1st prod., Sofia, 1938, 5 prod., 1946 (sovm. with Rakhamimovy P.); Osnov on a mikropediatriyat (bolest on pjrvoto the childhood), Sofia, 1946 (sovm. with Rakhamimovy P.); Toxicosis in a rannat it is put - a slope vjzrast, Sofia, 1957 (sovm. with other, Russian lane, M., 1959); Obmyana on substances in a detskat vjzrast, Sofia, 1959, 1965 (sovm. with other, Russian lane, Sofia, 1962, 1967); Virusen hepatit in a detskat vjzrast, Sofia, 1961 (sovm. with other); The Infection, immunity, an allergy and an immunopathology in a detskat vjzrast, Sofia, 1970.

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