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QUANTUM BIOLOGY - the section of biophysics studying the quantum phenomena in biological systems and use of quantum mechanics for the analysis of biological structures and their functions. To. it is closely connected with quantum biochemistry (see), photobiology (see) and photochemistry (see).

The most directly quantum patterns are shown in photobiological processes, such as sight (see), photosynthesis (see), photomutagenesis, destructive and promoting effect ultraviolet radiation (see), and also in the phenomena of a photoluminescence (see. Luminescence ), bioluminescences, biochemiluminescences (see). To. considers properties of transitions at excitement of chromophores light, the characteristics of excited states of a molecule (energy, longevity, etc.) defining their reaktsionnosposobnost (see. Molecule ), and also mechanisms of the processes going with formation of free radicals (see), division of charges, and the phenomena of transfer (migration) of energy between molecules. The quantum theory forms a basis to biospectroscopy (see. Spectroscopy ), explains optical and spectroscopic characteristics of molecules, their change in biol, structure at intermolecular interactions, formation of complexes, crystal packagings etc.

By methods of quantum biology study «dark» biol, processes for the purpose of the analysis of structure and function nucleinic to - t, proteins, enzymes, makroergichesky connections and in particular electronic donornykh and electronic and acceptor properties of biomolecules, oxidation-reduction reactions, charge transfer in solution and elaborate structures. The problem of semiconductor properties of biopolymers, units of pigments, membranes is of special interest. Attempts of an explanation pharmakol are made. activities, cancerogenic and other properties biol, connections. At the same time difficult biol, the phenomena cannot be reduced only to quantum mechanical, and calculations of the complex processes proceeding in biol, systems, meet basic difficulties. Nevertheless use of methods and approaches To. will undoubtedly enrich and will deepen understanding of the thinnest mechanisms biol, processes. See also Biophysics .

F. F. Litvin.