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PYROMECAINUM (Pyromecainum; joint venture. B) — mestnoanesteziruyushchy means. 2,4,6-Триметиланилид-1-бутил-пирролидинкарбоновой-2 acids hydrochloride; With 18 H 2 SN 2 O-HCl:

Crystal powder, white or white with weak cream shade, easily soluble in 95% alcohol, water soluble, almost insoluble in chloroform. Differs in big firmness and does not lose the anesthetizing activity at long (within 2 years) storage in solution and at sterilization (t ° 100 °) within 30 min. or in the autoclave within 15 min. (under pressure of 2 atm).

It is active at all types of local anesthesia — conduction, infiltration and superficial.

The most valuable property P. in the practical relation is high performance at surface anesthesia. The item in 0,25; 0,5; 1 and 2% solutions are 2 — 5 times more active cocaine (see), and solutions on activity does not concede in 1 and 2% to Dicainum (see). The item is quickly soaked up by mucous membranes. At surface anesthesia P. surpasses cocaine in stage of latency and duration of action and does not concede to Dicainum: surface anesthesia comes in 1 — 1,5 min. after application of drug, duration of surface anesthesia of 30 min. during the use of 1% of solution and 60 min. at use of 2% of solution. In P.'s organism it is well soaked up and rather evenly distributed on all bodies and fabrics. The item does not collect in an organism, is less toxic, than Dicainum and cocaine, does not cause allergic reactions. Considerably surpasses cocaine and Dicainum in the width of therapeutic action. At resorptive action of P. exerts the oppressing impact on c. the N of page also causes somnolent, sedative and soothing effects.

Item. apply for surface anesthesia: in ophthalmology of 0,5 — 1% solution (3 — 5 drops); in otorhinolaryngology of 1 — 2% solution (1 — 5 ml), if necessary add 0,1% of solution of Adrenalinum hydrochloricum for each 2 — 3 ml of solution P. on 1 drop; in stomatology of 1% solution and 5% ointment. For surface anesthesia at a bronchography use on 10 — 15 ml 2% of solution P., and by preparation for an intubation of bronchial tubes — on 14 — 35 ml (on average 20 ml) 2% of solution. At diagnostic and to lay down. ezofagogastroduode-noskopiya apply 5 — 10 ml of 2% of solution.

Maximum single dose of 1 g.

Usually P. is transferred well, however in high doses (0,7 — 0,8 g) can cause toxic effects — blanching, nausea, headache, dizziness.

Form of release: 0,5; 1 and 2% solutions in ampoules on 10, 30 and 50 ml. Keep with precaution in usual conditions.

See also Anesthetics .

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H. T. Pryanishnikova.