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PYROGALLOL (Pyrogallolum) — 1,2,3 trihydroxybenzene, the connection having high oxidability thanks to what it is applied as developer in the photo, for the analysis of gas mixture (caustic solution of pyrogallol selectively absorbs oxygen), for production of some dyes (the hematoxylin which is applied in a histochemistry supports pirogallolovy group). Before P. used also as medicine for treatment of some skin diseases. The item is poisonous: 2 g of pyrogallol at hit in a stomach become, as a rule, a lethal dose for the person.

Derivative P. are eurysynusic in the nature: they are found in beechen pitch, in some anthocyanins, ellagic to - those (a component of some tanning agents) etc.

For the first time P. was received by Sheele (Page W. Sheele) in 1786 during the heating gallic to - you: With 6 H 2 (OH) 3 COOH -> CO 2 + With 6 H 3 (OH) 3 . This way of receiving P. along with some other is used in the industry so far.

At P.'s heating it is sublimated, t ° pl 133 °, t ° kip 309 °. Thanks to high ability to be oxidized P. instantly recovers salts of gold and silver. Item, as well as all polyatomic phenols (see), represents colourless crystal substance, water soluble, alcohol, to a lesser extent — on air.

For qualitative test of P. use its reaction with ferrous sulfate as a result of which blue-violet coloring develops, with ferric chloride (red-brown coloring), or reaction with glycerin in the solution acidified by a chamois to - that (the red-violet coloring amplifying during the heating).

P.'s poisoning can occur at its receipt in an organism through a mouth or skin. For court. - medical diagnoses of poisoning of P. the wedge, a picture matters: vomiting, diarrhea, fever, fall of temperature of a body, spasm, tachycardia, short wind, jaundice, gemato-and proteinuria, then anury. At court. - a medical research of a corpse note dot hemorrhages on internals and in a brain, a fluid lungs; the centers of pneumonia, proteinaceous and fatty regeneration of parenchymatous bodies are possible. The mucous membrane of a mouth, a gullet and a stomach is condensed.

At court. - a chemical research P. isolate from internals the acidified alcohol or the acidified water, then from the received extract P. take chloroform. From urine P. extract diethyl ether in the presence of sulfuric to - you. After removal of chloroform or diethyl ether the rest is dissolved in 1 — 2 ml of a distilled water and carry out qualitative tests with freshly cooked solution of ferric chloride (appears red-brown, in the presence of calcium carbonate turning into blue coloring), with ammoniac solution of silver (solution grows brown, then blackens as a result of recovery of ammoniac silver to metal), solution of caustic soda (appears dark, turning into black coloring). The item is quickly metabolized and easily output from an organism therefore its quantitative definition (a kolorimetri-rovaniye of the painted solutions) in cadaveric material can have only relative value.

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