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PYRAZIDOLUM (Pyrazidolum; synonym Pirlindolum; joint venture. B) — antidepressant of a four-ring structure. 2,3,3а,4,5,6-гексагидро-8метил-1Н-пиразин [3,2,1-jk] carbazole hydrochloride; With 15 H 18 N 2 - HCl:

Crystal powder, light yellow with weak greenish shade, soluble in hot water.

The item possesses a row pharmakol, the properties characteristic of antidepressants: weakens the oppressing effects of Reserpinum, strengthens the stimulating effects of Phenaminum, action of L-dofa. Has no anticholinergic effect.

The item shortly and reversibly inhibits activity of MAO, is preferential in tissues of a brain. The complete recovery of activity of MAO of a brain after single introduction of P. occurs during 24 hours of P. slows down also return capture of monoamines of a presinapticheskikhma the terminations of nerve fibrils.

The item is quickly soaked up from went. - kish. path. With urine and a stake during 2 days after introduction 82 — 85% of the entered dose are allocated.

Apply The item at depressions of various origin: typical cyclotymic and simple neurotic dysthymic, gipergichesky (asthenic and adynamic), the hypochiondrial, anestetichesky, depersonalizatsionny, alarming and depressive and paranoid states and depressions with nonsense which are slowed down, polymorphic with navyazchivost, psychopathic and senestopathetic disturbances, and also at the superficial «erased» (masked) depressions. Besides, it is appointed at depressive and depressive and crazy states at alcoholics.

Timoleptichesky action of P. is combined with the stimulating or moderate sedation (depending on a condition of patients).

Appoint The item in 2 times a day — in the morning and in the afternoon. Treatment there begin with a daily dose 0,05 — 0,075 g with the subsequent its rise of of 0,025 — 0,05 g each 2 — 3 days before obtaining therapeutic effect. Optimum doses — 0,15 — 0,3 g a day. If necessary and good tolerance the daily dose can be increased to 0,4 g. At neurotic and situational depressions of P. apply in smaller doses.

The item is usually well transferred by the patient. Lack of holinoblokiruyushchy action allows to appoint him the patient whom the antidepressants having anticholinergic activity are contraindicated (at glaucoma, hypertrophic processes of a prostate, etc.). In rare instances at hypersensitivity to P. insignificant dryness in a mouth, perspiration, a tremor of hands, tachycardia, nausea, dizziness can be observed. These phenomena quickly pass at reduction of a dose.

Item. it is contraindicated at acute inflammatory diseases of a liver, diseases of the hemopoietic system. It is not necessary to apply P. along with antidepressants — MAO inhibitors.

Form of release: tablets on 0,025 and 0,05 g. Store in the dry place protected from light.

See also Antidepressants .

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