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PUT SI-MO (Sung Si-myao, 581 — 673 or 682) — the Chinese doctor.


The main work Put Si-mo «Jian there is a tszin-fan» («Thousand gold recipes») contains the data which are saved up by the end of 7 century by the Chinese doctors in range of application of pharmaceuticals and therapy and consists of 30 volumes. 1 — the 4th volumes are devoted to the description of symptomatology of female diseases and methods of their treatment, the 5th volume — to the description of children's diseases and methods of their treatment, 6 — the 21st — to questions of private pathology and therapy, 22 — the 23rd volumes — to the description of diseases of skin, mucous membranes and ways of their treatment, the 24th volume — to poisonings and antidotes, the 25th volume — acute management, 26 — the 27th volumes — a dietotherapy, the 28th volume — to the doctrine about pulse, 29 — the 30th volumes — to acupuncture and cauterization. Afterwards 30 more volumes of appendices under the name «Jian Is the Tszin-and-fan» were written to them.

Put Si-mo described many little-known diseases and offered new methods of treatment. Hemeralopia it treated drugs of a liver of animals, a craw — drugs of a thyroid gland of a deer or ram and a laminaria. Many ways of treatment offered them were widely adopted. Put Si-mo consider the author of the China's first composition devoted to diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases.

Works Put Si-mo — the peculiar encyclopedia of the Chinese medicine, long time serving the management also for doctors of Yash of scientific research institute, Korea and other countries. He was famous as the outstanding diagnostician and the therapist. About its art of the diagnostician many legends remained. The people called Put Si-mo «the tsar of drugs». Put Si-mo it was canonized, was among ten gods — patrons of physicians.

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