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PUShMANN Theodor

PUSCHMANN Theodor (Puschmann Theodor, 1844 — 1899) is the German historian of medicine.

Ended in 1869 medical f-t Marburg un-that and received degree of the doctor of medicine. Was engaged in practical profession of a physician in the field of psychiatry and studied history of medicine. Since 1878 the privatdozent on stories of medicine in Leipzig un-those, since 1879 professor of department of history of medicine Vienna un-that.

T. Pushmann is the founder of the Vienna historical and medical school; his pupils and followers were Neyburger (M. Neuburger) and T.G the laser. From T. Pushmann's works on various questions of history of medicine the monographs devoted to history of medicine in Vienna and history of medical education are most considerable. Big popularity was brought to it by working on by the edition of the original ancient medical texts supplied with transfer into German and scientific comments. In 1897. T. Pushmann developed the plan of the edition of the three-volume guide to history of medicine «Handbuch der Geschichte der Medizin» published after his death by Neyburger and the German historian of medicine Yu. Pagel. T. Pushmann wrote introduction to history of medicine of ancient centuries for the management. On the means bequeathed by T. Pushmann and his wife in Leipzig in 1906 Ying t of history of medicine and natural sciences K. Zudgoffa bearing nowadays a name is created.

Works: Alexander von Tralles, Original-Text und Übersetzung nebst einer einleitenden Abhandlung, Bd 1 — 2, Wien, 1878 — 1879; Die Medizin in Wien während der letzten 100 Jahre, Wien, 1884; Geschichte des medizinischen Unterrichts von den ältesten Zeiten bis zur Gegenwart, Lpz., 1889; A history of medical education from the most remote to the most recent times, L., 1891.

Bibliography: Neuburger M. Theodor Puschmann, Wien. med. Presse, S. 1688, 1899; P a g e 1 J. Theodor Puschmann, Janus, S. 56T, 1899, Bibliogr.; S u d h about f f K. Theodor Puschmann und die Aufgaben der Geschichte der Medizin, Münch, med. Wschr., S. 1669, 1906.

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