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PULSE RADIATION — the electromagnetic or corpuscular radiation of any kind generated and extending in the form of short sending of electromagnetic energy or clots of particles single or following one after another, through certain time terms with a certain frequency. Duration of an impulse can vary in very wide limits — from shares of microsecond up to hundreds of milliseconds. For the special purposes also shorter impulses can be received.

And. and. found broad application in medicine. In the optical and infrared ranges of electromagnetic waves pulse sources are presented lasers (see). These devices thanks to unique properties of the radiations created by them use in eye surgery, oncology etc. Pulse X-ray apparatus are applied to studying of the fast-proceeding processes. Duration of an impulse on these devices can reach the 100-th shares of microsecond. The pulse sources working in the field of radio waves are widely applied in a radar-location.

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V. G. Khrushchev.