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PULMOKARDIOGRAFIYA (Latin pulmo easy + cardiography; synonym pneumocardiography) — the method of a research of cordial activity based on the analysis of the registered pulsation of air in respiratory tracts. The item allows to obtain the data on specific features of functioning of cardiovascular system used at the solution of functional and diagnostic tasks.

The phenomenon of a sinkardialny air pulsation, or so-called pneumo-pulse, has complex dynamic structure with alternation of the inspiratory and expiratory phases corresponding to phases of a cardial cycle. Pneumopulse results from arterial outflow of blood from a chest cavity and a venous inflow in it, the imbalance between to-rymi causes the fluctuations of a krovenapolneniye of a thorax during a cardial cycle compensated, in particular, by changes of volume of the air space of lungs. The important place in formation of pneumopulse is taken by changes of volume of a chest cavity due to the systolic raising of a diaphragm directed inside the movements of a chest wall, adjacent to heart, and diastolic movement of these structures in the opposite direction. The greatest imbalance arises at the beginning of exile of blood ventricles: deficit apprx. 10% of volume of cordial emission of blood (for the person of 6 — 7 ml), at first filled by aspiration of air in lungs, then compensated by a venous inflow is observed. A number of scientists pays attention on fiziol, a role of pneumopulse as factor of micro ventilation of the lungs, especially taking into account interlobar and intersegmental movements of air. Record of pneumo-pulse the respiratory movements of air, on intensity in hundreds of times distort the surpassing cardial pulsations, and at breath holding also involuntary overlapping of a glottis. Therefore for reliable allocation from hindrances of a useful signal pneumopulse is perceived in the mouth of the respiratory tract separated from the atmosphere by high rated resistivity by means of special respiratory reception: inflation of an elastic cylinder (rubber ball) or imitation of this act. Record is carried out during 5 — 10 sec., registering the first derivative of pneumopulse along with an ECG. For record of a pulmokardiogramma use a special prefix to the electrocardiograph.

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E. K. Lukyanov.