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PUHLEV Alexi (1905 — 1981) — the Bulgarian therapist, the academician of the Bulgarian academy of Sciences (1967), the national scientist of NRB (1969), Hera of Socialist Work NRB (1971), the foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1969). Member of BKP since 1945.

Alexi's PUHLEV

Ended in 1931 medical f-t Sofia un-that. Since 1949 professor, the department chair of internal diseases of the same un-that and at the same time the rector of the Highest medical in-that (1958 — 1960) and the head of science team on studying of a hypertension at Presidium of the Bulgarian academy of Sciences (since 1962).

A. Pukhlev published St. 250 scientific works, including three monographs devoted to hl. obr. to problems of anemias, cardiovascular and renal diseases. It in detail studied local (so-called Balkan) a nephropathy. Its many researches are devoted to clarification of activity of a renin in kidneys and in a blood plasma at experimental animals, and also at patients with renovascular hypertensia; features of metabolism of lipids and lipoproteids in connection with a condition of a vascular wall of arteries and the changed vascular reactions at atherosclerosis and hypertensia; values of hyperfunction of bark of adrenal glands in genesis of renal hypertensia. A. Pukhlev is the active supporter of use of methods of definition of changes of enzymatic activity of a blood plasma for early diagnosis of a myocardial infarction. On its initiative and under its management since 1963 began to carry out medical examination of patients with an idiopathic hypertensia to NRB. And. Pukhlev (together with B. Yurukov) is the author of the fundamental guide for doctors («Therapy on a vjtreshniyeta of a bolesta»; 1955; 1962), editor-in-chief of the book «Narjchnik on Vjtreshn of a Bolesta» (1968), member of editorial boards of a number of domestic and foreign medical magazines; the chairman of the Union medical about-in NRB (since 1968).

It is awarded by 5 awards, including Georgy Dimitrov's award, and medals.

Works: Therapy on a vjtreshniyeta of a bolesta, Sofia, 1955, 1962 (sovm. with Yurukovy B.); Hematologichen atlas, Sofia, 1960 (sovm. with other); Über die endemische Nephritis in Bulgarien, Schweiz, med. Wschr., S. 751, 1961 (sovm. with other); Krjvnoto to the nalyagena in bjlgarskoto the population, Sofia, 1964 (sovm. with other); Über den diagnostischen Wert der Serumaktivität einiger Enzyme beim Herzinfarkt, Z. ges. inn. Med., No. 12, S. 143, 1966 (sovm. with other); Activity of a renin in plasma at patients with a renovascular hypertension, Cor et Vasa, t. 20, page 36, 1978 (sovm. with other).

V. I. Didenko.