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PSORIAZINUM (Psoriasinum) — the irritating and keratoplastichesky means; the ointment containing dichloroethyl sulfide (yperite) of 1 h and vaseline 20 000

of the p. P. possesses local irritative, keratoplastichesky and antiinflammatory action, strengthens growth of hair. The mechanism of action of P. is not found out. It is possible that to lay down. the effect of drug is caused partly by the stimulating influence of dichloroethyl sulfide on afferent nerve terminations and its interaction with proteins and enzymes of skin.

Items apply outwardly mainly at gnezdny alopecias (see), is much more rare at psoriasis (see).

At a gnezdny alopecia of P. (equally with castor oil) rub in the centers of defeat in 1 — 4 day. After 4 — 8 vtiraniye it is necessary to wash up the head. P.'s rubbing in is made on the course of growth of hair (for prevention of folliculites). Before an initiation of treatment it is necessary to be convinced of individual portability of drug. In order to avoid irritation of skin it is not necessary to apply ointment on eyelids.

At P.'s psoriasis rub in the centers of defeat of 1 — 2 time a day within 5 — 6 days then do a one-day break. Since the 2nd week of P. apply on skin and on 1 — 4 hour apply an occlusive bandage. After 2 weeks of treatment the break for 3 — 5 days is necessary, in time to-rogo appoint 1 — 2% salicylic ointment or Unna's cream. The item should not be imposed on skin after a bathtub in order to avoid development of dermatitis. Combination of treatment of P. to UF-radiation and hydrosulphuric bathtubs inadmissibly.

At P.'s treatment psoriasis development of a psoriasis erythrosis is possible. At hypersensitivity repeated courses of therapy can pervert the course of psoriasis. There are messages on more frequent recurrence of psoriasis at repeated courses of treatment of the Item. Therefore now P. is applied to treatment of psoriasis seldom.

Treatment is carried out under close medical check. At the same time at least 1 time a week make a blood analysis and urine.

Side effect of P. is shown by an erythema, a cutaneous dropsy, violent dermatitis, an itch (especially during the putting ointment on skin folds), a follicular pyoderma.

Drug is contraindicated at diseases of parenchymatous bodies and blood, and also tendency to allergic reactions. The item is not recommended to be applied at hypersensitivity of skin to a sunlight.

Form of release — in aluminum tubas on 25 and 35 g or glass jars on 100 g. Storage: in the cool place under the lock (joint venture. And). Release drug only according to the recipe of the doctor; the new recipe is necessary for repeated issue. It is necessary to be careful at production of drug and work with it.

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A. V. Konstantinov.