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PSEVDAMFISTOMA — the helminths parasitizing in hepatic and bilious channels of carnivores (cats, dogs, foxes, minks, otters, seals, seals, etc.) and the person.

Fig. 1. Diagrammatic representation of a structure of a puberal individual (marrites) of Pseudamphistomum truncatum: 1 — the cuticle covered with small thorns; 2 — an oval oral sucker; 3 — a throat; 4 — a gullet; 5 — intestinal branches; 6 — zheltochnik; 7 — a round belly sucker; 8 — loops of a uterus; 9 — an ovary; 10 — seed plants; 11 — funnel-shaped impression on the back end of a body.
Fig. 2. Diagrammatic representation of a structure of Opisthorchis felineus (a) and Pseudamphistomum truncatum (b) eggs: 1 — gland of hatching, 2 — miratsidiya.

Items — trematodes of the Opisthorchiidae family — are submitted by types of Pseudamphistomum truncatum (Rudolphi, 1819) to Liihe, 1909, and Pseudamphistomum aefhiopicum Caociapuoti, 1947. In the USSR only R. of truncatum meets. Length of a puberal individual of R. of truncatum of 1,65 — 2,5 mm, width is 0,64 — 1,0 mm (fig. 1). The sizes of truncatum (0,027 — 0,035) X eggs P. (0,012 — 0,016 mm) same, as Opisthorchis felineus eggs (see. Opisthorchosis ), what complicates differential diagnosis of the diseases caused by these helminths; distinguishing characters their following: truncatum eggs P. have the greatest width on border of the first and second third (at opistorkh — in an average third); so-called gland of hatching at truncatum eggs P. is expanded, its rear edge does not come into the last third a miratsidiya, and at opistorkh it long, trubkovidny, the miratsidiya (fig. 2) reaches the back end.

Items cause psevdamfistomoz, meeting at carnivores (final owners of helminth) in the USSR (in the basins of Dnieper, Neman, Volga), and also in Norway and India. The first intermediate owner — a mollusk — shchupaltsevy a bitini mollusk (Bithynia tentaculata), the second (additional) owner — fishes this. cyprinid. An exit tserkariyev from mollusks begins at water temperature 19,5 ° above. Live in muscular tissue of fishes of a metacercaria for years. Adult R. are found by truncatum in hepatic p bilious channels of carnivores. The person can catch psevdamfistomozy at the use of the crude or insufficiently boiled thoroughly (fried thoroughly) fish. The question about etiol, P.'s roles in pathology of the person is studied.

Prevention of possible infection of the person P. includes the correct culinary processing of fish (cooking, a long prozharivaniye, hot smoking, the ambassador during 2 — 3 weeks), storage of fish in the refrigerator at a temperature from — 8 ° to — 12 ° that leads to death of all metatserkariyev in 18 — 20 days.

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