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PSEUDO-SYPHILIS PAPULAR (grech, pseudes false syphilis; lat. papula a spot) — a dermatosis, manifestations to-rogo remind syphilitic papules.

The pct for the first time described in 1921 Mr. Lipshyutts (V. Lipschutz) at the women having the diseases which are followed by allocations from a vagina (see. Bleach ), and also trichomoniasis (see. Trichomoniasis ) and frustration of an urination. By data A. K. Yakubsona (1938), M. A. Ale fund (1955), Sutton (R. Sutton, 1956), is the main reason for a disease action is more white, urine and other irritating factors; I. I. Pototsky (1970) carries Pct to paramecotic diseases; E. Goffmann (1934), K. R. Astvatsaturov (1975), N. A. Torsuyev and M. N. Bukharovich (1975) — to an atypical kind of a pyoderma.

The disease occurs seldom, generally at girls and young women. At the same time on big vulvar lips, is more rare in inguinofemoral folds, crotches and around an anus appear multiple, is more rare single, sharply limited, painless, than semi-spherical shape and a plotnoelastichesky consistence of a papule (see) from several millimeters to 1 cm in the diameter with insignificant retraction in the center. Color of papules light pink, surface their dry and brilliant.

Patogistologiya: an acanthosis, hypostasis, vasodilatation and kruglo cellular infiltration of a papillary layer of a derma, significant increase in sebaceous glands and a gaping of openings of follicles of hair that testifies about hron, the course of inflammatory reaction in the epidermis and a derma caused by long irritation.

At differential diagnosis with syphilis consider a wedge, displays of syphilis (see), results of repeated researches on a pale treponema (method of scarification) and serol. reactions to syphilis.

Treatment: appoint sedentary trays with solution of potassium permanganate (1:10 000), powder from streptocide, Dermatolum, a xeroform, 2 — 5% boron-tar ointment, 3 — 5% Ichthyol, naftalanny pastes and ointments, 1 — 2% the spirit solution of aniline dyes, corticosteroid ointments containing antibiotics.

Forecast favorable.

Prevention consists in strict observance of rules of personal hygiene, treatment of trichomoniasis and other diseases of urinogenital system.

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B. G. Stoyanov.