PROZOROV Alexander Evgrafovich

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PROZOROV Alexander Evgrafovich

PROZOROV Alexander Evgrafovich (1889 — 1952) is the Soviet radiologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1946).

Ended in 1913 medical f-t Moscow un-that. Organized in Gynecologic in-those the first X-ray radiotherapeutic department. From 1918 to 1924 served in Red Army as the radiologist in various military institutions. Since 1925 until the end of life directed rentgenol. department of the Central scientific research institute of tuberculosis of M3 of the USSR.

Along with 1926 for 1940 managed rentgenol, department-tsy of S. P. Botkin; in 1947 — 1949 headed department of a radiology of the 2nd MMI.

A. E. Prozorov published St. 60 scientific works, including the monograph «Radiodiagnosis of a Pulmonary Tuberculosis» (1940), long time serving as one of the main guides to this question. A. E. Prozorov showed that essential value in development of tubercular process has an aggravation of the calmed-down tuberculous focuses (reinfekt). He paid attention to possibility of an atelectasis at tubercular bronchadenites. Its researches in the field of studying of the normal pulmonary drawing and roots of lungs, and also descriptions of versions of the pulmonary drawing played a significant role for specification early rentgenol. displays of tuberculosis and other pulmonary diseases. A. E. Prozorov offered a method of the sliding mark for specification of localization of pleurisy, paid attention to a phenomenon of shift and change of a form of a shadow of an exudate at pleurisy in connection with phases of breath. A number of works devoted to nonspecific diseases of lungs.

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by the Orders of Lenin.

Works: Radiodiagnosis of a pulmonary tuberculosis, M. — L., 1940; X-ray inspection at some infections, M., 1950 (sovm. with Tager I. L.).

Bibliography: Pereslegin I. A. Memories of professor Alexander Evgrafovich Prozorov, Vestn. rentgenol, and radio-gramophones., No. 4, page 95, 1972.

K. V. Pomeltsov.