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PROVAChEK Stanislav

PROVACHEK, Provatsek Stanislav (Prowacek Stanislaus Josef Mathias, 1875 — 1915) is the Czech parasitologist and the microbiologist.

Studied zoology and the general biology in the Prague and Vienna high fur boots. Doctor of philosophy (1899). P. Ehrlich's pupil. Worked in Ying-those experimental therapy in Frankfurt am Main, at department of zoology Munich un-that, then in parazitol. laboratories of the Berlin imperial hospital. Since 1907 directed zoological department Ying-that ship and tropical diseases in Hamburg. Participated in expeditions on studying of tropical diseases in Brazil, in Java, Sumatra, the islands of Micronesia.

Died of a sapropyra, having caught in prisoner-of-war camp in Serbia where it was directed to fight against epidemic in 1914

S. Provachek published more than 200 scientific works devoted to generally pathogenic amoebas, trichomonads, trypanosomes, spirochetes, haemo gregarines, intestinal flagellates. Together with Galbershtedter (L. Halberstädter) studied trachoma and methods of vaccination against it. In 1913 together with Hegler and AA. Roche-Lima found polymorphic microorganisms in intestines of the clothes louses fed on the patient with a sapropyra and assumed that they are causative agents of a typhus. Afterwards researches were continued and confirmed E. Roche-Lima, called the causative agent of a typhus Provatsek's rickettsia.

S. Provachek was one of founders of the Archiv für Protistenkunde magazine and its coeditor since 1901, and also the founder and the editor of capital collective leadership on pathogenic elementary («Handbuch der Pathogenen Protozoen»).

Works: Über Zelleinschlüsse parasitärer Natur beim Trachom, Arb. Gesundh. Amte, Bd 26, S. 44, 1907 (sovm. with Halberstaed-ter L.); Taschenbuch der mikroskopischen Technik der Protistenuntersuchung, Lpz., 1909 (Russian lane, M., 1925); Einführung in die Physiologie der Einzelligen (Protozoen), Lpz., 1910; Handbuch der pathogenen Protozoen, Bd 1 — 3, Lpz., 1912 — 1931 (editions).

Bibliography: Halberstaedter L., v. Prowazek, Dtsch. med. Wschr., S. 407, 1915; Lipschütz B., S. von Prowazek, Arch. Derm. Syph. (Berl.), Bd 122, S. 504, 1918.

I. V. Tarasevich.