PROTASOV Alexey Protasyevich

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PROTASOV Alexey Protasyevich (1724 — 1796) — the domestic anatomist and the physiologist, the academician. St. Petersburg academy of Sciences (1771); one of founders of the Russian anatomic terminology.

Ended in 1750 un-t at the St. Petersburg academy of Sciences. M. V. Lomonosov's pupil. In 1751 was entitled the graduated in a military academy of Academy on department of anatomy, then it was sent to a scientific business trip in high fur boots of Leiden, Strasbourg and Paris where studied medicine, botany, chemistry. In 1763 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Anatomo-fiziologichesky Reasoning on Action of a Human Stomach on Food Eaten in It». Since 1763 professor of anatomy. In 1751 — 1766 managed dissecting room, from 1769 to 1781 fulfilled duties of the secretary of the academic commission, directed work of printing house, tool workshops, translation department, translated foreign medical literature into Russian, accompanying transfers with notes and comments. Under its edition in 1784 — 1790 there was a New Monthly Compositions magazine for the Russian youth.

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