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PROSTATORRHEA (prostatorrhoea; grech, prostates rhoë standing ahead + a current) — the allocation of a secret of a prostate in an urethra which is not connected with sexual excitement and an orgasm.

Usually P. is result hron, prostatitis, sexual excesses, the severed sexual relations or a long onanism. Emergence of whitish liquid from an urethra at the end of an urination is characteristic of P. and during defecation. The item can be followed by increase of an urination, an itch in an urethra and heavy feeling in an anus. It is long the existing prostatorrhea is followed by the general weakness, progressive decrease in sexual function, a depression.

At P. in a prostate (see) the prostatic canals expanded, lost a tone are defined, gland is painless, flabby, a pasty consistence. At a manual research through a rectum pressing on gland causes plentiful allocation of a whitish muddy secret. Vezikulografiya (see) and an uretrografiya (see) allow to find expansion and an atony of prostatic channels. At microscopic examination of a secret cells of a transitional and cylindrical ferruterous epithelium, colloid corpuscles, lecithin grains, single leukocytes and erythrocytes are found. Reaction of a secret alkaline. At various patol, conditions of a prostate the structure of its secret can change. The prostatorrhea differs from an urethrorrhea, at a cut slime without uniform elements, i.e. a secret of bulbouretralny glands microscopically prevails.

Treatment of patients with P. complex, includes elimination inf. process in a prostate, massage of gland, fortifying procedures, good nutrition. Normalization of sex life is important. P.'s treatment is possible only after elimination of prostatitis (see).

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V. I. Vigdorchik