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PROLAMINES — the proteins of a plant origin which are a part of food stuffs. Are characterized by high content proline (see) — 10 — 15% and glutamic acid (see) — 20 — 25%. The general property P. is their ability to be dissolved in 60 — 80% aqueous solution of alcohol. Items almost do not contain glycine and a lysine that does low their nutrition value. In a large number of P. contain in an endosperm of seeds of cereals (30 — 60% of all proteins of an endosperm). Seeds of dicotyledonous plants — soy, haricot, a buckwheat, etc. — practically do not contain prolamine.

Prolamines represent unequigranular proteins. Treat them gliadine (see), hordein (reserve protein of barley, makes apprx. 4% of nonvolatile solid of seeds, contains apprx. 17% of nitrogen), and also zein (protein from seeds of corn, makes 4,2% of nonvolatile solid of seeds) and edestin (protein of seeds of hemp). P a beater amines are kaffirin (reserve protein from a sorghum) and avenine (protein from seeds of oats).

See also Proteins .

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