PROKOPCHUK Andrey Yakovlevich

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PROKOPCHUK Andrey Yakovlevich

PROKOPCHUK Andrey Yakovlevich (1896 — 1970) — the Soviet dermatovenerologist, the academician of AN of BSSR (1940), zasl. scientist of BSSR (1944).

The member of the CPSU since 1917. Participant of civil war.

In 1924 ended medical f-t of the 2nd MSU, then worked in university clinic. In 1927 — 1928 and since 1931 at department of skin and venereal diseases Minsk medical in-that; since 1931 professor, the department chair, at the same time (1932 — 1963) director Belarusian dermatovenerologic in-that. From 1940 to 1947 the member of Presidium of AN of BSSR.

A. Ya. Prokopchuk published the St. 300 scientific works devoted to various questions a wedge and experimental dermatology, biochemistry of skin. A. Ya. Prokopchuk studied the mechanism of inflammatory reactions of skin under the influence of physical. - chemical irritants, disbolism; patomorfol. and gistokhy. changes in skin at various dermatosis, an electronic and microscopic structure of activators of a number of skin diseases; developed methods of treatment of radiation injuries of skin and use of radioisotopes in treatment of skin diseases. He offered treatment of a lupus erythematosus quinacrine. Under the leadership of A. Ya. Prokopchuk 7 volumes of scientific works Belarusian dermatovenerologic in-that and 6 collections «Practical Dermatology» are published.

A. Ya. Prokopchuk was elected the chairman of the board republican scientific about-va dermatovenerologists, was a member of editorial councils of «Bulletin of Dermatology and Venereology» and «Medical Radiology» magazines, the honorary member of the Krakow society of dermatovenerologists.

It is awarded by two Orders of Lenin, two awards of the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Treatment of a lupus erythematosus quinacrine, Minsk, 1939; Treatment of koshny diseases of radioactive phosphorus, in book: Use of radioactive phosphorus for treatment of skin diseases, under the editorship of M. N. Pobedinsky, etc., page 89, M., 1955 (sovm. with other); Influence of interoceptive irritations on the course of experimental syphilis of rabbits, in book: Vopr. box-Tiko-visceral relationship, under the editorship of I. A. Bulygin, page 119, Minsk, 1956 (sovm. with Popovic A. D.); Causative agents of skin and venereal diseases in the image of a supermicroscope, the Collection nauch. works Belorussk. nauch. - issled. skin veins. in-that, t. 5, page 324, 1957 (sovm. with Bondarovich A. G.); About treatment of radiation injuries of skin, Zdravookhr. Belarus, No. 2, page 26, 1961 (sovm. with Sos-novsky A. T.).

Bibliography: Andrey Yakovlevich Prokopchuk (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Vestn. dermas, and veins., No. 2, page 86, 1967; Andrey Yakovlevich Prokopchuk's Memories, in the same place, No. 11, page 90, 1970.

A. A. Studnitsin.