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PROKOFYEVA-BELGOVSKAYA Aleksandra Alekseevna (sort. in 1903) — Soviet cytogenetics, the member correspondent of AMH (1965).

F-that ended in 1930 biol, department physical and mathematical Leningrad un-that, since 1931 works in in-ta of the AN and USSR Academy of Medical Sciences system. Since 1969 the head of laboratory of cytogenetics of the person Ying-that medical genetics of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences and the scientific consultant of laboratory of the molecular organization of chromosomes Ying-that molecular biology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Doctor biol, sciences (1965). Professor (1969).

A. A. Prokofieva-Belgovskaya published St. 200 scientific works, including 3 monographs devoted generally to structure and function of chromosomes. It for the first time determined the sizes of genes on polytene chromosomes of a drosophila (1935); it is shown that heterochromatinic (genetically inactive) regions of chromosomes have chromomeasured structure and consist of the repeating genes of a similar structure; the position effect of a gene is explained (1939 — 1947); the theoretical provision on the nature of heterochromatin and control of activity of genes by heterochromatization is formulated. A. A. Prokofieva-Belgovskaya possesses the description of chronology of a reproduction of chromosomes of the person, establishment of asynchrony of this process at homologous chromosomes, distinctions of chromosomes in different types of cells, to individual variability of heterochromatinic regions of chromosomes in human population.

A. A. Prokofieva-Belgovskaya is the vice-chairman of Scientific council on medical genetics and the chairman of the problem commission «Cytogenetics of the person and chromosomal diseases» of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences; the member of scientific councils on genetics, selection and on tsitol. to problems of Academy of Sciences of the USSR; the member of central office All-Union about-va geneticists and selectors of N. I. Vavilov.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Structure and development of actinomycetes, M., 1963; Fundamentals of cytogenetics of the person, M., 1969 (sovm. with other); Chromosomes of the person, in book: Lectures on medical genetics, under the editorship of A. A. Prokofieva-Belgovskaya and V. P. Efroimson, page 22, M., 1974.

Bibliography: Aleksandra Alekseevna Prokofieva-Belgovskaya (To the 75 anniversary since birth), Genetics, t. 15, No. 5, page 939, 1979.

A. F. Zakharov.