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PROCOP Otto (Prokop Otto Gerhard; sort. in 1921) — the German judicial physician, professor (1956), actions, the member of Academy of Sciences of GDR (1964).

Ended in 1948 medical f-t Bonn un-that, then worked in Ying-those forensic medicine of the same un-that. In 1953 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject about peroral immunization. Since 1956 the director Ying-that forensic medicine of Un-ta of Humboldt

O. Prokop published (Berlin) apprx. 500 scientific works, including the textbook on forensic medicine which sustained 3 editions; the management devoted to blood groups and properties of blood serum of the person; the atlas on forensic medicine. Scientific research of O. Prokop is connected generally with development of various questions of a medicolegal serology. It conducted a research of a large number of erythrocyte and serumal systems of antigens, mechanisms of antibody formation to them, and also questions of use of systems of antigens in court are studied. - medical practice. O. Prokop revealed substances, similar to antibodies, in allocations and fabrics of a number of animals, capable to agglutinate erythrocytes, some bacteria and tumor cells. The nature of antibodies of gaptoglobin is established to them, new family blood groups, and also some options of mosaics of blood groups are found, conditions of allocation of antibodies in saliva are studied. A number of its works is devoted to questions of definition of ethanol in blood, to conditions of posthumous education hydrocianic to - you, to injuries of a skull during the falling, etc.

Works: Lehrbuch der gerichtlichen Medizin, V., 1960; The Gm, Gc and Ag Groups in serum, Court. - medical examination, t. 6, No. 2, page 28, JSTs 3, page 33, 1963; Atlas der gerichtlichen Medizin, V., 1963 (sovm. with Weimann W.); Lehrbuch der menschlichen Blut-und Serumgruppen, Lpz., 1966 (sovm. with Uhlenbruck G.); A medical occultism, Paramedicine, the lane with it., M., 1971 (bus of a number of hl. and edition); Forensische Medizin, V., 1975 (sovm. with Göhler W.); Die menschlichen Blutgruppen, Jena, 1976 (sovm. with Göhler W.); Menschlicher Haptoglobintyp und G-Streptokokken, Eine sichere und unerwartete Relation, Acta biol. med. germ., Bd 36, S. 11, 1977 (sovm. with Köhler W.).

A. V. Kapustin.