PRIORS Nikolay Nikolaevich

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PRIORS Nikolay Nikolaevich (1885 — 1961) — the Soviet orthopedist-traumatologist, the academician of AMH (1957), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1942). The member of the CPSU since 1946.

PRIORS Nikolay Nikolaevich

In 1912 H. N. Priorov ended medical f-t Tomsk un-that. In 1913 — 1915 and 1919 — 1927 would work in surgical department of Soldatenkovskaya (nowadays of S. P. Botkin). From 1918 to 1921 authorized the National commissariat of social security of RSFSR in the Central committee on supply of crippled soldiers with prostheses — participated in drawing up situation «About Supply Crippled Prostheses». Together with V. N. Rozanov organized the first courses on training of technicians-instructors on prosthetic orthopedic case (1919). Since 1921 until the end of life was the director based by it Medical and prosthetic in-that (nowadays Central research in-t of traumatology and orthopedics of H. N. Priorova of M3 of the USSR, CYTO). In 1931 on the basis of CYTO organized and till 1960 headed department of orthopedics and traumatology of TsIU; at the same time (1933 — 1938) managed the department of the 1st MMI of the same name. In 1939 was directly involved in treatment of wounded during the events on Halkhin-Gola and the Soviet-Finnish conflict. In the period of the Great Patriotic War of H. N. Priorov of hl. surgeon of evacuation hospitals Narkomzdrava of RSFSR (1941 — 1944) and Narkomzdrava of the USSR (1945); from 1945 to 1947 — the deputy minister of health care of the USSR.

H. N. Priorov published the St. 250 scientific works devoted generally to questions of traumatology, prosthetics, the organization of the ortopedo-traumatologic help etc. Under the direction of H. N. Priorova and with his direct participation questions of recovery treatment of deformations of a musculoskeletal system (poliomyelitis, nearthroses), treatments of wounds, a burn disease and an electric trauma, etc. were developed. He dealt with problems of preservation and transplantation of fabrics (a bone, a cartilage, skin), was the organizer of the country's first bank of fabrics (1957), department of creation of new devices and tools, made for implementation of plasts and biol much. drugs (a lidaza, a ronidaza) in practice of health care. On its initiative were organized in-you traumatology and orthopedics in 17 cities, the network of traumatologic and orthopedic institutions is expanded, growth of number of doctors of orthopedists-traumatologists is increased; at CYTO department of a sports and ballet injury (1952) is for the first time organized.

H. N. Priorov was the chairman of Academic medical council of M3 of the USSR (1947 — 1948), the deputy editor-in-chief of magazines «Hospital Business», «Surgery», «Orthopedics, Traumatology and Prosthetics», the editor «Surgery» of the 2nd prod. redotdet. BME. In 1932 on its initiative it was organized Ob-in of traumatologists and orthopedists of Moscow and the Moscow region, and in 1946. All-Union about-in traumatologists-orthopedists, the chairman to-rogo it was stretch. N. N. Priorov was elected by the honorary member scientific about-in orthopedists of Great Britain, Czechoslovakia, etc.

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by two Orders of Lenin, an award of the Red Star.

Works: Amputation and prostheses, yew., M., 1941; Amputation of extremities and prostheses, M. — L., 1941; Wounds of a basin, Works of the 1st conference Urals. state pitas. Narkomzdrava of RSFSR and front, page 91, L., 1945; Nearthroses and not growing together changes, Works of the 25th Vsesoyuz. congress hir., page 416, M., 1948; The Theory and practice of an osteosynthesis at treatment of fractures of bones, Works of the 26th Vsesoyuz. congress hir., page 583, M., 1956; About ways of development of domestic traumatology and orthopedics, in book: Organization travmat. and the orthoitem of the help, under the editorship of N. N. Priorov, page 7, M., 1959; Plastics of bones and joints, Ortop. and travmat., No. 6, page 17, 1959; Use in traumatology and orthopedics of the bone gomotransplantat preserved by cooling, Vestn. USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, No. 11, page 3, 1959 (sovm. from Panova M. I.); Burns and their treatment, in book: A problem of an injury, under the editorship of I. V. Davydovsky, page 77, M., 1960; Open fractures of bones, their features and treatment, Works Vsesoyuz. conferences hir., travmat. and anesteziol., page 210, L., 1960.

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