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PRINTsING Friedrich

PRINTSING Friedrich (Prinzing Friedrich, 1859 — 1938) — the German doctor, the specialist in the field of medical statistics.

Studied in Tuebingen and Munich. Since 1885 worked as the doctor in Ulm. Since 1905 the member International statistical in-that, since 1923 the member of the State sanitary Council of Germany. Received degree of the doctor of medicine for work of «A problem of food of a human body at feverish states».

The main direction of scientific activity of F. Printsinga — questions of social hygiene, medical statistics, demography, etc. He studied, in particular, influence of professions on incidence and mortality of workers, prevalence of dust diseases, some aspects of professional mortality in England and other questions. In 1906 it published capital work («Handbuch der medizinischen Statistik») which was summing up the results of its more than 20 years' research activity in these areas. In 1931 there was a new edition of this book considerably added and expanded due to use of the Russian statistical data (on the Moscow province and Belarus). Russian translation of the book «Methods of Medical Statistics» (under the editorship of P. I. Kurkin and P. A. Kuvshinnikov, M., 1926) added F. Printsing with a sketch «Medical statistics in connection with social hygiene».

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