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PRINTING METHOD (grech, there is a lot of + grapho to write, represent poly) — a method of a complex research of functions of an organism by means of simultaneous registration of activity of many bodies and systems of an organism.

Metodol, a basis of this method is systems approach to studying of life activity of an organism, according to Krom any purposeful activity of an organism of a mnogokomponentn also demands therefore a multilateral research. The realization of a method is enabled by means of devices of polygraphs (see. Polygraph ), several parameters allowing to register at the same time reflecting various parties of life activity of an organism are normal also at pathology, napr, the electrocardiogram, a reopletizmogramma, the electroencephalogram, the actogram, a galvanic skin response. The item of m is widely applied at scientific research in the field of physiology and hygiene, sports and space medicine, in clinical a lab. researches (see. Monitor observation ).

See also Ballistokardiografiya , Vektorkardiografiya , Dinamokardiografiya , Cardiography , Oscillography , Pyezografiya , Sfigmografiya .

V. A. Polyantsev.