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PRGETSEKHTEL Antonin (Precechtël Antonin, 1885 — 1971) — the Czechoslovak otorhinolaryngologist, the member of Czechoslovak academy of Sciences (1954).

In 1910 ended medical f-t of Karlov un-that in Prague. Worked as the surgeon; was involved in World War I of 1914 — 1918, then specialized on otorhinolaryngology. Since 1920 worked at department of otorhinolaryngology of Karlov un-that; in 1930 — 1955 professor. Further the head of scientific laboratory of otorhinolaryngology at Czechoslovak academy of Sciences.

A. Przhetsekhtel published St. 300 scientific works, including 5 monographs devoted generally to studying of a comparative anatomy of an acoustic organ, a brain, questions of an etiology, a pathogeny, prevention and treatment of otogenic meningitis, quinsies, etc. It developed quick access to carotid arteries in a zone of a top of a pyramid of a temporal bone, original methods of an operative measure on a hypophysis and operations for fistulas in a neck, the sparing technique of a laryngectomy, and also original modifications of plastic surgeries concerning inborn malformations of the sky and an upper lip.

And. Przhetsekhtel was a chairman Czechoslovak scientific about-va otorhinolaryngologists (since 1935), the editor of the Otolaryngologia slavica (1929 — 1933) magazine, the member of editorial boards of magazines «Prakticky lékar», «Acta otolaryngologia», etc.

Works: Tëidëni a hodnoceni angin, Praha, 1953; Streptokokovâ angina, Praha, 1957; Zâklady otolaryngolôgie, Praha, 1959 (cobm. with other).

Bibliography: Djordjevic S. Akademik prof. dr. Antonin Pfecechtël (6.XI. 1885 — 5. 11.1971), Srpski Arh. Celok. Lek., sv. 100, s. 853, 1972; Sedlâcek K. To 85 narozeninâm akademika Antonina Pfecechtëla, Cas. Lék. ces., sv. 109, s. 1072, 1970; it is e; Za akademikem Antoninem Precechtëlem, Cs. Otolaryng., sv. 20, s. 1, 1971.

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