PREOBRAZHENSKY Nikolay Alekseevich

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PREOBRAZHENSKY Nikolay Alekseevich

PREOBRAZHENSKY Nikolay Alekseevich (1896 — 1968) — the Soviet chemist, the specialist in the field of chemistry of natural compounds; Hero of Socialist Work (1966), zasl. scientist and RSFSR (1958) equipment, winner of the State award USSR (1952). Member of the CPSU.

Graduated from MSU in 1926. Worked in the beginning in V NIH FI, then in the Highest technical school (nowadays MVTU of N. E. Bauman) and Military and chemical academy (nowadays Military academy of chemical protection of S. K. Tymoshenko), from 1931 to 1940 — in Ying-those organic chemistry of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Since 1938 — the department chair of chemistry and technology of thin organic compounds Moscow in-that a fine chemical tecnmology of M. V. Lomonosov and at the same time (since 1944) directed laboratory, and then department in All-Union research vitamin in-those. In 1935 defended the doctoral dissertation. Professor (1945).

N. A. Preobrazhensky published 540 scientific works which are generally devoted to studying of a structure and synthesis of a number of natural compounds: alkaloids (Pilocarpinum, emetine, tubocurarine, tropine, arecoline, cocaine, etc.), lipids (glycerin-phosphatides, plasmalogens, inozitfosfatid, sphingolipids, fats and oils, the highest fat to - t) and other substances.

Under the leadership of N. A. Preobrazhensky works on chemistry of porphyrines and chromoproteids are performed (hemin, cytochrome c), is developed industrial synthesis of a number of medicines (Chlorali hydras, Sulfadimezinum, Dimedrol, Antabusum, etc.), vitamins (And, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, PP, lipoic to - that).

Thanks to its works the foundation of the new industry of the domestic medical industry — production of vitamins was laid.

N. A. Preobrazhensky created school of sciences of specialists in the field of chemistry of biologically active natural compounds. Among his pupils there are professors, academicians and corresponding members of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

«the sign of Honour» and medals is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Labour Red Banner.

Works: Chemistry of organic medicinal matters, M. — L., 1953 (sovm. with Genkin E. I.); Chemistry of biologically active natural compounds, M., 1970 (edition sovm. from Yevstigneyeva R. P.); Chemistry of biologically active natural compounds (carbohydrate — proteinaceous complexes, chromoproteids, lipoproteids, lipids, a metabolism), M., 1976 (edition).

Bibliography: Yevstigneyeva R. P. Nikolay Alekseevich Preobrazhensky (To the seventieth anniversary since birth), Zhurn. general chemical, t. 36, No. 12, page 2029, 1966; Nikolay Alekseevich Preobrazhensky's Memories, Chemical - pharm. zhurn., No. 1, page 63, 1969; Samokhvalov G. I. Some results of researches in the field of synthesis of natural compounds (To the 60 anniversary since birth), Medical prom-t the USSR, No. 2, page 10, 1957.

A. M. Yurkevich.