PREOBRAZHENSKY Mikhail Yakovlevich

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PREOBRAZHENSKY Mikhail Yakovlevich (sort. in 1861; year of death is unknown) — the domestic surgeon, one of founders of physical antiseptics in Russia.

In 1885 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. After two years of practical work as the surgeon in St. Petersburg would undergo improvement in VMA where under the leadership of A. P. Dobroslavin began to conduct scientific research of physical properties of dressing materials. In 1890 protected dokt. yew. on the subject «Dressing materials». Since 1898 the medical officer of the Russian army; the participant of World War I as the senior doctor of a regiment and the case doctor.

The doctrine about physical antiseptics is connected with a name of M. Ya. Preobrazhensky. Based on N. I ideas. Pirogova about importance of physical conditions of the environment surrounding a wound he studied physical properties of many dressing materials in detail (their specific weight, porosity, hygroscopicity, a capillarity, heat conductivity, diffusion, osmosis and so forth), showed value of the sucking-away properties of a bandage at treatment of wounds. On the basis of carried out physical. - chemical and a gigabyte. researches, and also patofiziol. and mikrobiol. studying of wounds M. Ya. Preobrazhensky drew a conclusion on the leading role of properties of a dressing material in prevention of suppurations of wounds. M. Ya. Preobrazhensky's doctrine about physical antiseptics promoted improvement of such methods of treatment of wounds as the sucking-away gauze bandage, a deaf bespodkladochny plaster bandage, osmo-and a kolloidoterapiya of wounds, use of powders and other methods physical. impacts on a surface of a wound. The methods developed by M. Ya. Preobrazhensky a gigabyte. researches of fabrics played an important role in development of hygiene of clothes.

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M. B. Mirsky.