PREOBRAZHENSKY Boris Sergeyevich

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PREOBRAZHENSKY Boris Sergeyevich (1892 — 1970) — the Soviet otorhinolaryngologist, the academician of AMH (1950), Hera of Socialist Work (1962), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1942).

PREOBRAZHENSKY Boris Sergeyevich

Ended in 1914 medical f-t Moscow un-that; in the years of World War I of 1914 — 1918 did military service as the junior doctor. In 1918 — 1921 the otolaryngologist in Podolsk district-tse. From 1921 to 1932 worked in the 2nd Moscow un-those. In 1926 protected dokt. the thesis about a lumbar puncture as a therapeutic factor at not purulent ear diseases. Since 1932 professor of department of a surdootologiya defektologichesky f-that Moscow pedagogical in-that, since 1936 the department chair of diseases of an ear, a throat and a nose in the 3rd MMI, and since 1941 and until the end of life — in the 2nd MMI.

B. S. Preobrazhensky published the St. 200 scientific works devoted generally to development of problems of pathology of an inner ear; allergies in otorhinolaryngology; to treatment hron. tonsillitis; to studying rentgenol. features of a structure of a temporal bone, throat at deaf-mutes, and also anatomo-topographical position of a mastoidalny vein that formed the basis of a technique of radical operation on an ear. It developed classification of school relative deafness, and its monograph «Surdomutism» (1933) was the first original domestic management for surdopedagog and surdopedolog. It described clinic of vasculomotor and allergic antritis (1956), methods of treatment vasculomotor and acute allergic rhinitises are proved (1961). B. S. Preobrazhensky offered folding cannulas for blowing off of ears (1951), a chair for performance of LOR-operations (1959), the otiatrichesky phantom (1962).

On an initiative and with direct participation of B. S. Preobrazhensky the multivolume guide to otorhinolaryngology (1960) is prepared, in the first volume to-rogo extensive materials on world history of otorhinolaryngology are presented. In a co-authorship with A. G. Likhachev and Ya. S. Temkin he wrote the textbook by diseases of an ear, throat and nose for medical higher education institutions which sustained 7 editions and translated to the Chinese, Korean and Hungarian languages. The experience of the military surgeon generalized in the monograph «Military and Traumatic Injuries of an Ear, Nose and Throat» (1944), and also in the corresponding chapters of the multivolume edition «Experience of the Soviet Medicine in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945».

B. S. Preobrazhensky was the vice-chairman of advisory council on surgical sciences of VAK; the chairman Moscow and the vice-chairman of boards All-Russian and All-Union scientific medical about-in otorhinolaryngologists in whose organization took active part; the editor-in-chief of the Bulletin of Otorhinolaryngology magazine (since 1945), the member of editorial council of the Experta Medica magazine (Netherlands); editor-in-chief of red-department «Otorhinolaryngology» of the 2nd BME edition; the member of the International committee of otorhinolaryngologists, the honorary member Czechoslovak medical about-va of Purkinye (1964) and association Hungarian medical in (1968).

It is awarded by five Orders of Lenin, medals, and also awards NRB and DPRK.

Compositions: A lumbar puncture as a therapeutic factor at ear diseases, M., 1926; Surdomutism, M., 1933; Diseases of an ear, nose and throat, 1st prod., M. — D., the 1939, 7 prod., M., 1968 (sovm. with other); Voyennotravmatichesky injuries of an ear, throat and nose, M., 1944; Gunshot wounds of an outside ear, in book: Experience of owls. medical 1941 — 1945 in the Great Patriotic War, t. 8, page 259, M., 1951; Phlegmonous quinsy and paratoizillyarny abscess, in book: Hir. Bol. drinks, throats, tracheas, bronchial tubes and a gullet, under the editorship of V. G. Yermolaev, etc., page 42, M., 1954; Adenoid disease and its communication with other diseases, M., 1954; Mistakes in diagnosis of quinsies, M., 1956; Clinical classification of an adenoid disease and other diseases interfaced to it, Vestn. otorinolar., No. 5, page 7, 1964; Allergic diseases of upper respiratory tracts, M., 1969 (sovm. with other); Quinsy, adenoid disease and the general diseases interfaced to them, M., 1970 (sovm. from Popova G. H.).

Bibliography: To the 40 anniversary of scientific, pedagogical, medical and public work of the full member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences prof. B. S. Preobrazhensky, in book: Vopr. klinich. from-rino-laringol., under the editorship of I. I. Potapov, page 3, M., 1955; Nazarova G. F. To the 80 anniversary since the birth of the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences B. S. Preobrazhensky, in book: Microsurgery of an ear, under the editorship of G. F. Nazarova, etc., page 5, M., 1973.

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