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PREGNINUM (Praegninum; synonym Aethisteronum, Ethisteronum, Ethisterone, Gestone-Oral, Gestoral, Lutocyclin, Linguetten, Lutoral, Nalutron, Ora-luton, Pranone, Pregneninolon(e), Progestoral etc.) — pregnen - 4 - in - 20 - ol - 17 - beta it - 3 or 17 - alpha ethenyltestosterone, a synthetic analog of progesterone, progesterone:

As medicine P. apply at an amenorrhea, a hypomenorrhea, an oligomenorrhea and the infertility connected with a hypo-ovaria. Pregninum, as well as progesterone (see), causes transition of a mucous membrane of a uterus from a phase of proliferation in a secretory phase, and after fertilization promotes its transition to a state necessary for an attachment and development of an oosperm. The item reduces also excitability of muscles of a uterus and uterine tubes, stimulates development of trailer elements of a mammary gland. However biol, P.'s activity is 6 — 10 times lower than activity of progesterone at oral administration, and at sublingual use (under language) activities of the same dose of progesterone entered intramusculary are 3 — 5 times lower.

Pier. weight (weight) of Pregninum 312,46. It represents white or inodorous slightly yellowish crystal powder, water-insoluble, almost insoluble in alcohol, well soluble in oils; t°pl 270 — 276 °. In an organism products of intensivnoy exchange of P. form in a liver pair connections (conjugates) with glucuronic to - that and in such look are removed with urine.

Though P. apply in the same cases, as progesterone, however at the usual, menacing or beginning abortion and premature births it is more reasonable to apply progesterone. The item is appointed sublingual. At an amenorrhea, a hypomenorrhea, an oligomenorrhea, the infertility connected with dysfunction of ovaries, P. appoint after preliminary treatment oestrogenic drugs with 16 — the 17th day of an artificial menstrual cycle within 6 — 7 days on 0,01 g 3 times a day (in a row carry out 4 — 6 courses of treatment).

At anovulatory a cycle P. also appoint after preliminary treatment oestrogenic drugs 0,02 — 0,03 g daily or every other day during the same period. At dysfunctional uterine bleedings P.'s dose makes 0,03 — 0,05 g days, duration of reception of 2 — 3 days. In 2 — 3 days prior to expected P.'s periods cancel.

The highest doses of P. (for adults): one-time 0,02 g, daily 0,06 g. In high doses of P. can make sick, vomiting, an itch, a nagrubaniye of mammary glands, increase in the weight (weight) in a body, a headache, dizziness, a depression.

P.'s use, as well as others progestins (see), contraindicated at pregnancy, diseases of a liver and bilious ways, a varicosity, acute and hron, thrombophlebitises, epilepsy, an idiopathic hypertensia, heavy toxicoses of pregnant women in the anamnesis, hron, pyelonephritis, a diabetes mellitus, myoma of a body of the womb.

Recommend to accept P., as well as other synthetic progestins, with vitamin of Wb under control of the ABP, hepatic (coagulative) tests and conditions of coagulant system of blood.

Form of release: tablets on 0,01 g.

Storage: in the dry, protected from light place, the list B.

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V. V. Potemkin.